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We serve up to eight families at a time, four in residence at Sinai House and four alumni living in the community. There are four fully furnished apartments in Sinai House. We provide programs and professional services tailored to help each member of the family reach individual goals in finance, education and employment. After living in Sinai House for two years, the family can choose to participate in our two-year post-residency program in which they receive a tapering rent subsidy, some social services, and help in connecting to the services available to them in their new neighborhoods. We also continue to offer services to all our alumni on a less formal basis. The goal of Sinai House is to ensure that departing residents and their families maintain financial independence and thrive in future years.

Since its founding in 1992 by Temple Sinai members, we have served more than 50 families, including more than 100 children.

We require a significant level of commitment from the parents in our residency program. They must be working full-time or engaged in a combination of part-time work and part-time school or job training, which Sinai House may help finance. The children must attend accredited daycare or an appropriate school, and a structured summer camp program, which is either a free program or financed by Sinai House.

How We Help

5 Program Service Components  

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